Zendaya Tops List as Most Fashionable Celebrity of 2022

In a recent study conducted by frugal living experts at CommonCentsMom.com, Zendaya has been officially named the most fashionable celebrity of 2022. The study involved a thorough analysis of Google search data across the United States, focusing on various search terms related to fashion and style associated with over 100 globally renowned celebrities. Zendaya’s fashion influence shone bright, with Americans searching for terms linked to her fashion choices an impressive average of 21,760 times per month, securely placing her at the pinnacle of fashion trends for the year.

Coming in a close second is the incredibly popular Ariana Grande, earning the title of the second most fashionable celebrity of 2022. Her fashion choices attracted an average of 21,610 monthly searches in the United States. Notably, the search term ‘Ariana Grande outfits’ alone garnered an impressive average of 12,000 monthly searches.

Securing the third position is Billie Eilish, renowned for her unique baggy clothing and distinctive style. Billie’s fashion choices generated an average of 21,560 monthly searches, including 8,800 monthly searches specifically for ‘Billie Eilish outfits.’

The Kardashian family continues to wield significant influence in the world of fashion, with Kim Kardashian and her half-sister Kendall Jenner claiming the fourth and seventh positions, respectively, as the most fashionable celebrities of 2022. Kim is the subject of an average of 19,600 monthly searches for terms associated with her style and fashion choices, while Kendall receives an average of 5,900 monthly searches.

Furthermore, the Royal family continues to impact fashion trends in 2022. The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, garners an impressive average of 14,300 monthly searches related to her style and fashion choices. Remarkably, even after her passing in 1997, the late Princess Diana continues to receive approximately 14,160 monthly searches for her enduring style across America.

Completing the prestigious list of fashion-forward celebrities are Lady Gaga, drawing in 18,600 monthly searches for her distinctive style, singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo, whose style is sought after 17,760 times each month nationwide, and Bella Hadid, who commands an average of 12,550 monthly searches for her fashion choices.

As a spokesperson for CommonCentsMom.com aptly put it, «Whether gracing the red carpet or strolling around town, celebrities remain our primary source of style inspiration. This study offers valuable insights into the women who have truly shaped the fashion landscape of 2022. Zendaya, undoubtedly, reigns supreme, celebrated for her glamorous red carpet ensembles that consistently captivate global attention.»

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