WCF Home Shopping Firm Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Bella di Notte

In a strategic move signaling growth in the mail-order clothing sector, the UK’s WCF home shopping firm has successfully acquired Bella di Notte, a leading lingerie and clothing business based in North Yorkshire. The terms of this acquisition, which marks a significant expansion for WCF, have not been disclosed.

Bella di Notte, renowned for its specialization in Italian lingerie and fashion tailored for mature women, now joins WCF’s prestigious lineup of national mail-order clothing brands. This includes well-established names such as Country Collection, James Meade, and The Classic Boutique.

Operating from its existing base in Malton, Bella di Notte is set to thrive as an independent entity under WCF’s strategic approach. Jo Ritzema, Managing Director of WCF, underscores the alignment between brands, stating, “Bella di Notte’s focus on product excellence and superior customer service made it an ideal fit to complement our existing home shopping clothing brands, all catering to a similar customer demographic.»

As part of the part-employee-owned WCF family, the home shopping division continues to play a pivotal role, employing over 400 individuals across more than 30 locations. The acquisition is a testament to WCF’s commitment to fostering independence within each brand.

Founder Susan Johnson of Bella di Notte shares insights into the decision to sell, citing it as part of their succession planning strategy. Joining a larger company provides access to additional expertise, resources, and financial investment, ensuring job security for the team and facilitating continued positive sales growth.

Ritzema emphasizes the collaborative approach, stating, “We plan to build on the success of Bella di Notte by continuing to deliver the fantastic range of clothing and lingerie that have made it popular with existing customers. New marketing strategies will be implemented to expand our customer base, and efforts will be directed towards enhancing the range with designs appealing to an ever-younger demographic.

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