Ukrainian Models Turned War Aid Volunteers in Milan

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Ukrainian models who found themselves in Milan during fashion week have shifted their focus from the catwalk to humanitarian aid. Bogdana Didenko Nevodnik, Valya Fedotova, and others have put their modeling careers on hold to support their war-torn country by volunteering in Milan, sorting and distributing aid parcels destined for Ukraine.

These models, once featured by major fashion brands worldwide, have chosen to stay in Milan, far from their homes, as they send essential supplies such as food, medicine, batteries, and toys back to Ukraine. Didenko Nevodnik, who lives the war from a distance, speaks of the shame she felt being on the catwalk while her homeland was in turmoil. Her fighting spirit has her ready to join the army if needed.

The models share their experiences of shock, fear, and longing for a return to normalcy in Ukraine. Their modeling careers have taken a backseat as they stand united in their desire for peace and a better future for their homeland.

These Ukrainian models turned volunteers hope for an end to the war and for their loved ones to be safe back home. They are determined to contribute to their country’s resilience and recovery in any way they can.

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