Galliano says Brexit and populism threaten ‘moral fibre of society

John Galliano, the renowned British fashion designer, made a striking political statement at a Paris fashion show, where he voiced concerns about Brexit and populism threatening the «moral fabric of society.» In a powerful tribute to World War II heroes who fought for democracy, Galliano celebrated nurses, female spies, and Resistance fighters.

His show featured references to heroic women from both World War I and II, including British nurse Edith Cavell and female spies. While the show gained attention for its political stance, it also made headlines due to model Leon Dame’s memorable runway performance.

Galliano, known for his influential career, has undergone a personal transformation since facing controversy in 2012. He took the helm at Maison Margiela in 2014, and this show was inspired by a BBC documentary about a wartime love story that deeply moved him.

In the podcast released after the show, Galliano stressed the importance of remembering the sacrifices made by these heroic women and encouraged people to use their voices to protect democracy.

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