Bespoke hat maker Marcel Rodrigues to open Savile Row pop-up

Marcel Rodrigues, the prestigious bespoke hat maker celebrated for its exquisite fedoras, is poised to make history as the inaugural bespoke hatter to grace London’s iconic Savile Row. The brand is set to open a pop-up boutique on October 12th, marking a momentous occasion in the illustrious heritage of this renowned street.

Marcel Steyn, the visionary founder of Marcel Rodrigues, embarked on his illustrious career in the world of fashion as a tailoring apprentice at Cad & The Dandy on Savile Row in 2008. It was during this formative period that he astutely recognized a distinctive opportunity within the market for bespoke hat craftsmanship. In 2019, he took a bold step, crafting hats in the confines of his garage, laying the foundation for the distinctive brand.

The exceptional demand for his meticulously handcrafted hats soon outgrew the modest confines of his garage, leading Steyn to relocate his business to Cornwall, where it thrived. Now, Marcel Rodrigues is making a triumphant return to Savile Row, unveiling its second location on this legendary street.

Every hat created by Marcel Rodrigues is a masterpiece, tailored to the unique preferences of each client. The process commences with a personalized consultation, ensuring that every aspect is customized and meticulously handcrafted. What sets these hats apart is the fact that they are entirely created on Savile Row, from inception to completion, featuring an exclusively designed Savile Row lining.

Jenny Casebourne, Head of Portfolio at The Pollen Estate, the esteemed landlord overseeing the property, enthusiastically emphasized the value of complementary apparel, such as a bespoke hat maker, in enhancing the offerings to Savile Row’s discerning clientele. She also noted that this move aligns with their unwavering commitment to British craftsmanship.

Marcel Steyn expressed his profound honor and excitement, stating, «I am extremely honored and excited to return to Savile Row, not only as an apprentice tailor but as a bespoke hat maker with my own boutique. We are thrilled to make history as the first bespoke hatters offering and crafting a fully personalized experience for our clients.» With Marcel Rodrigues taking its place among the distinguished establishments on Savile Row, the iconic street is poised for a sartorial revolution.

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