Madame Woo, the visionary designer and CEO behind Wooyoungmi, is making a significant move in the heart of Paris, marking a decade since the opening of her first European boutique at 5 rue Saint-Claude in the Marais district. Founded in 2002, Wooyoungmi, as the first South Korean brand to make its mark in Paris, is now unveiling its second boutique in the esteemed 1st arrondissement, specifically at 4 rue du Marché-Saint-Honoré.

This fresh 61-square-meter space, meticulously reimagined by the South Korean studio Leehaeinn, beautifully embodies the brand’s signature of clean and precise aesthetics. It strategically neighbors the upscale footwear store Doucal’s and sits in close proximity to Dior’s boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré, securing a prime location within the city.

Upon entering the store, visitors are greeted by a captivating motif—a striking large ear set against a vibrant red backdrop. The brand elucidates the symbolism of this centerpiece, noting that it «captures the imagination and underscores the brand’s bold originality. Conceptually, the ear represents the desire and ability to listen. In an era marked by the globalization of South Korean culture, it symbolizes South Korea’s attentive commitment to taking the world’s pulse,» as articulated in a statement.

Wooyoungmi boasts a robust global presence with a network of 45 points of sale. This includes a flagship store in Seoul and a presence in prestigious department stores worldwide. From Harrods in London to Joyce in Shanghai, Le Bon Marché in France, Galeries Lafayette in Beijing and Doha, to Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, the brand has firmly established itself on the international fashion stage.

According to reports, Wooyoungmi’s parent company, Solid Corporation, achieved remarkable sales of approximately €50 million in the year 2022.

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