Renowned designer Virgil Abloh, acclaimed for his roles as the creative force behind Off-White and Louis Vuitton menswear, has made the decision to prioritize his health by reducing his work pace. As he approaches his 39th birthday, Abloh’s signature hyperactivity, characterized by collaborations with major brands such as Nike and Ikea, participation in global conferences, and a burgeoning DJ career, had begun to take a toll on his well-being.

During the summer, Abloh sought medical advice after experiencing exhaustion. He shared in an interview with Vogue US, «I was just tired, so I went to the doctor. Everything is fine, but the doctor cautioned me that the relentless pace of my activities, including extensive travel and numerous projects, was detrimental to my health.»

In response, Abloh has opted to dial down his hectic schedule. For the past three months, he has based himself in Chicago, prioritizing quality time with his children, even taking them to school. He has also put a temporary hold on his collaborative ventures and turned down most event and conference invitations.

Furthermore, Abloh will be notably absent from the upcoming Off-White show, scheduled for September 26 in Paris as part of the city’s womenswear fashion week. This decision has raised questions about Abloh’s roles at Off-White and Louis Vuitton menswear. However, he expressed confidence in his teams, stating, «My Off-White team is well-prepared to handle this situation, and my Louis Vuitton team is exceptionally skilled. The shows will proceed as planned.»

As of the present, Louis Vuitton has not issued an official response concerning the organization of the creative team behind its menswear collections.

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