Victoria’s Secret & Co. (V&SCo.) expands its product offerings and reach beyond the company’s stores and e-commerce website with the launch of Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Pink Beauty products on Amazon.

As part of the partnership, approximately 120 different products are now available on Amazon through the Victoria’s Secret store. The launch comes with its core fine fragrance collections, core mist and lotion fragrances, natural beauty mist, lotion, body scrub and fragrance wash, as well as Pink fragrance mist and lotion, body scrub and fragrance wash.

«Through customer feedback and research, we’ve heard that consumers want to buy VS Beauty in the Amazon store and are already searching for the product on the web,» said Greg Unis, general manager of beauty for VS&Co.


«This is a natural channel extension for us to continue to build our beauty business and meet customers where they are with the products they love.»

The move comes nearly a year after VS&Co. became an independent company and is expected to broaden and deepen the company’s connection with customers. The launch will also allow VS Beauty to enhance and enhance your Amazon store shopping experience.

«We are thrilled to offer our customers a convenient way to shop for their favorite Victoria’s Secret and Pink Beauty products,» added Carla Vernón, vice president of consumable categories at Amazon.

«With its variety of fresh, floral fragrances and lotions, there’s a scent for everyone to feel confident and beautiful,» she said.

Victoria’s Secret was spun off as an independent business from its Columbus, Ohio-based parent company L Brands in August 2021.

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