Clinique La Prairie is on a mission to redefine aging, enabling individuals to embrace graceful longevity while erasing age-related cellular signs. Located by the tranquil shores of Lake Geneva, this Swiss institution is renowned for its luxury wellness experience and groundbreaking proactive anti-aging treatments. In this engaging LuxurynsightXFashionNetwork podcast episode, Simone Gibertoni, the CEO of Clinique La Prairie, engages in a captivating discussion with Godfrey Deeny, the global editor of Together, they explore the world of cutting-edge technologies crafted to enhance human longevity.

Clinique La Prairie is a pioneer in custom anti-aging treatments, offering everything from antioxidant injections to daily tonics and neuro-wave stimulations. Founded in 1931 by Dr. Paul Niehans in Montreux, it seamlessly blends state-of-the-art medical facilities with a prestigious spa. Annually, they perform 1,530 procedures.

While benefiting from the thriving longevity industry, as highlighted by CEO Gibertoni, Clinique La Prairie has been attracting clients worldwide since the 1950s. Iconic figures like Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, and even Pope Pius XII have sought solace within its walls, a fact that brings a smile to the CEO’s face as he shares these anecdotes.

«In Montreux, we offer transformative week-long programs for our clients,» Gibertoni explains. «We embrace a holistic approach, incorporating the latest longevity technologies across four pillars: medical (with a team of around 50 physicians), nutrition, genetics, and well-being (addressing both mental and physical aspects at our spa).»

Clinique La Prairie offers an array of sophisticated full-board treatments, including «Revitalization» programs that target vital body systems such as the brain, skin, microbiome, and heart. Prices start at €30,000 per week, with a premium version available from €49,000. Personalized detox treatments, tailored to a client’s genetic and physiological characteristics, begin at €11,500, while «Skin Cell Boost,» a regenerative facial aesthetic medicine, starts at €19,000.

Expanding Globally

«We are now establishing clinics outside of Switzerland, with a fundamental requirement for our partners – they must adhere to our four pillars,» says the entrepreneur, who has led Clinique La Prairie since August 2016. «By 2040, our goal is to have ten physical centers worldwide.»

The Swiss company aims to export its ecosystem and philosophy globally through «health resorts.» The first, located near Shanghai in Anji, amidst bamboo forests and tea plantations, is set to open next year. The second center, scheduled for 2025, will be situated in the luxury tourist complex of Amaala in Saudi Arabia, overlooking the Red Sea.

Since the summer, Clinique La Prairie has also launched «longevity hubs» in Doha, Qatar, Madrid, Spain, Bangkok, Thailand, Taipei, Taiwan, and Dubai, UAE. These are day centers allowing clients to integrate the clinic’s philosophy into their daily lives, complementing the offerings in Montreux.

As the clinic expands its global network of medical centers, it remains unwavering in its commitment to delivering top-quality care. «We’ve given precise instructions to our laboratory: all our luxury products must be entirely manufactured in Switzerland using the finest patented ingredients, rigorously tested. I like to call them ‘longevity supplements,'» quips Gibertoni.

Clinique La Prairie boasts a significant cosmetic legacy. Following its founder Dr. Paul Niehans, the company introduced the La Prairie beauty brand in 1987, renowned for its luxury treatments like the ageless «Skin Caviar» cream, which remains iconic after 40 years. Today, this brand is part of the German group Beiersdorf, also known for Nivea and Eucerin.

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