Tyler Haney, the founder and former CEO of Outdoor Voices, reveals the reasons behind her departure from the sportswear brand, citing «gender and generational differences» and legal constraints. Get the details on her Instagram post and the challenges faced by the company.

Tyler Haney, the founder and former CEO of Outdoor Voices, recently addressed her abrupt departure from the sportswear brand in an Instagram post. In her candid statement, she shed light on the factors that led to her exit, including «gender and generational differences.» This article delves into the key points of her message and the challenges faced by Outdoor Voices.

  1. Unconventional Playbook:

Haney explained that her leadership at Outdoor Voices was characterized by an unconventional playbook deliberately designed to disrupt industry norms. Her approach aimed to build a vibrant community centered around the concept of «doing things» differently. This unique perspective may have clashed with those accustomed to traditional methods within the company.

  1. Legal Constraints:

The former CEO revealed that she is unable to share the complete story of her experience at Outdoor Voices due to legal documents she was required to sign upon leaving her position, particularly during her maternity leave. These legal constraints prevent her from providing a comprehensive account of her time at the company.

  1. Concerns about Reporting Trends:

Haney expressed concerns about recent reporting trends that involve sharing claims made by ex-employees of female-founded companies without providing sufficient context. This alluded to articles that discussed allegations of an abusive work culture at Outdoor Voices. The lack of context in such reporting can impact the perception of the company and its founder.

  1. Background Tensions:

Haney’s departure came after several months of tension with other executives at Outdoor Voices and former board chairman Mickey Drexler. Drexler’s approach, influenced by his extensive experience in the retail sector, clashed with the company’s young, female-led start-up philosophy. While Drexler stepped down as chairman in 2019, he remained on the board.

  1. Financial Challenges:

Reports indicate that Outdoor Voices faced financial challenges, leading to further tensions within the company. Despite nearly doubling its sales to $38 million in 2018, the brand posted an adjusted loss of $19 million due to substantial spending. These financial difficulties added to the complexities of Haney’s leadership.

  1. New Leadership:

In the wake of Haney’s departure, Outdoor Voices appointed Cliff Moskowitz as interim CEO. The company continues to navigate its path forward while addressing the challenges associated with leadership transitions and financial sustainability.

Tyler Haney’s Instagram post provides insights into the factors that contributed to her exit from Outdoor Voices. «Gender and generational differences» played a role, alongside legal constraints and concerns about reporting trends. The departure marked a significant moment in the company’s history, and Outdoor Voices aims to move forward under new leadership as it addresses financial challenges and works to maintain its unique identity in the sportswear industry.

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