TwoJeys Collaborates with Danish Sustainable Fashion Brand (Di)vision for Exclusive Capsule Collection

TwoJeys, the Spanish unisex jewelry brand, has embarked on an eco-conscious journey with Danish fashion innovators, (Di)vision. Renowned for their ingenious use of surplus stock, recycled fabrics, and vintage materials, (Di)vision brings sustainability to the forefront in this exciting collaboration.

The ‘(**)vision’ capsule collection is a testament to fashion with a conscience. Featuring two exquisite necklaces, a meticulously crafted ring, a comfortable sweatshirt, two fashionable T-shirts, a stylish belt, and a trendy cap, it combines style and sustainability effortlessly.

Don’t miss out on this sustainable fashion revolution! The ‘(**)vision’ collection is available for purchase from September 1. Explore this eco-friendly masterpiece by visiting TwoJeys’ online store or their physical outlets in Madrid and Barcelona.

The jewelry pieces in this collection are expertly fashioned from silver and gold-plated materials, while the clothing items offer the luxurious feel of premium cotton. The belt, a highlight of this collection, is crafted from vegan leather, perfectly aligning with (Di)vision’s unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion.

TwoJeys, founded in 2019 by Joan Margarit and Biel Juste, initially made waves in the digital landscape, resonating with the values of Generation Z. Fast forward to 2023, and they have expanded into the realm of physical retail with stores in Madrid and Barcelona. Their impressive journey includes reporting €4 million in sales for 2022, and they are now set to achieve national consolidation and international expansion in 2023, with a particular focus on the United States and key European markets.

(Di)vision, born in Copenhagen in 2018 under the creative vision of siblings Nanna and Simon Wick, is known for avant-garde presentations and a steadfast commitment to sustainable design. Their approach epitomizes the future of fashion, utilizing existing raw materials to craft captivating designs.

Join TwoJeys and (Di)vision in redefining fashion through sustainability, innovation, and style.