Sustainability, in its broadest sense, is at the center of the debate in the fashion industry. All kinds of firms are emerging whose proposals seek to offer more environmentally friendly designs, but also projects such as T_Neutral, whose mission is to reduce the waste generated, are emerging.


This platform, founded by Mariana and Clara Gramunt, arises with the purpose of «driving the circular transformation of the fashion industry for a horizon free of textile waste». With its proposal, it seeks to allow producers to «measure, reduce and compensate their textile footprint».

This concept, in line with the carbon footprint or environmental footprint, is defined as a «measurement and traceability parameter that identifies the amount of textile generated during the production and commercial process».

T_Neutral, with its own methodology and with firms such as Ecoalf or Sepiia in its client portfolio, focuses its work in three areas: measurement, reduction and compensation. The latter is in beta phase, is scheduled for launch in 2023 and is based on the development of a mechanism so that manufacturers can «take responsibility for leaked textiles through contributions to initiatives at the forefront of waste management,» the platform says.

Mariana and Clara Gramunt conceived T_Neutral in 2020 and both come from the fashion industry. Innovation consultant the first and designer the second, in 2017 they created a clothing firm, Sidikai, to claim the role of fashion as an agent of change and transformation of the industry.

«We believe in the power of innovation as a revulsive. T_Neutral is born from collective responsibility, impact-oriented technology and rigor, introducing a measurement and traceability parameter that allows any producer to measure, reduce and compensate its textile footprint to achieve the complete elimination of waste,» conclude the entrepreneurs.

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