Tom Ford has announced his decision to step down as Chairman of the CFDA, concluding his three-year leadership role within the American fashion industry’s governing body.

Ford, who assumed the Chairman position in June 2019, will officially conclude his tenure on May 31st, as confirmed by the CFDA’s official website.

In his absence, CFDA CEO Steven Kolb will temporarily assume the role of Interim Chair until December 31, 2022, with continued oversight by the Board. The current officers of the Board, including Vice-Chair Tracy Reese, Secretary Vera Wang, and Treasurer Stan Herman, will maintain their positions throughout the year.

Reflecting on his term, Tom Ford stated, «When I began my role as Chairman in June of 2019, my goal was to help the American fashion industry become more globally recognized for its talent and importance.» He acknowledged the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted the industry to adapt and innovate in various aspects, from design and production to customer engagement.

Ford emphasized that the fashion industry encompasses much more than creating stylish clothing and accessories or hosting glamorous events. He highlighted the industry’s significant economic impact, with a worth of $3 trillion and millions of individuals employed within it.

The CFDA announced the unanimous election of Tory Burch, Thom Browne, and Aurora James to the Board, effective from June 1st. The Board is expected to conduct a vote to select a new Chairperson in the fall, with the chosen candidate set to assume the role in January, aligning with the CFDA’s fiscal calendar.

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