The Barcelona firm Thinking Mu, born in 2008 from the hand of Pepe Barguñó and Miquel Castells, jumps to retail and opens its first store in its hometown: it has been installed at number 10 Madrazo street.

«This opening represents a first direct contact with the consumer, a learning experience to create new experiences and future relationships,» the company said in a statement.

The Thinking Mu store in Barcelona is conceived, according to the brand, as a «pop up store». But not because it is a temporary establishment, but because it will constantly renew its offer. The establishment will also have electronic devices from which to acquire, as an online purchase, the garments that are not available at that time.

«The customer will find on display a part of the collection that will change every month in order to tell a different story. Thus, at the end of the season, the aim is for all the designs, 300 units, to have rotated through the store,» says Thinking Mu.

The company came to the market with a capsule of T-shirts that has gradually expanded to offer the main product categories for men and women. With a Mediterranean spirit, it uses recycled and organic materials and recently, in a traceability exercise, has incorporated a QR code on its labels so that customers can learn about the production processes and the environmental impact of each item.

Currently present in some twenty countries with 380 multi-brand points of sale, Thinking Mu has also been operating online since 2014. Starting this year, it plans «an ambitious expansion project in the main European capitals» that starts with this opening in Barcelona.

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