THG’s esteemed e-commerce division, Ingenuity, has forged a dynamic alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to spearhead a transformative commerce and technology skills initiative in the thriving Northwest of England.

This groundbreaking endeavor, following the resounding success of a pioneering pilot program, aims to offer invaluable opportunities to underprivileged and underrepresented individuals of all age groups, empowering them to ignite their careers in the vibrant realms of commerce and technology.

Ingenuity’s flagship offering, the ‘Fundamentals of E-commerce Program,’ is an intensive two-week training course that serves as an exciting complement to AWS re/Start. AWS re/Start, a trailblazing, cohort-based workforce development program, equips unemployed and underemployed individuals with essential cloud computing skills, paving the way for lucrative cloud-centric career pathways.

Ingenuity envisions a sustained rollout of the Fundamentals course throughout the year 2024, with a resolute objective to upskill approximately 100 eager learners annually, in close collaboration with the unwavering support of AWS.

This comprehensive program delves deep into a diverse range of pivotal subjects, encompassing data and analytics, digital marketing, fulfillment and operations, trading and merchandising, project management, user experience and design. Furthermore, it provides indispensable soft skills training across vital domains, including communication, management, leadership, and adaptive thinking.

Vivek Ganotra, the visionary CEO of Ingenuity, passionately affirms, «This moment marks just the genesis of our enduring commitment to guide and empower individuals on their career odysseys, catalyzing a wave of positive transformation not only across the Northwest but also extending far beyond its borders.»

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