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We are so glad to have the icon herself Simonetta Lein. You are such a powerful force to be recon. Thank you for being here

How have your three careers contributed to your trajectory?

I have way more than three careers if I think about it. When I was a teenager trying to envision my future I soon realized you cannot put me in a box. I have worked as top model, writer, radio host, TV host, painter, branding visionary artist and philanthropist. That is why many call me a renaissance woman. No one understood my vision at the beginning and probably still at this day I feel some projects I just have to make them happen myself, then people will follow. All of these hats I wear represent me and have had a very important part in shaping who I am today.

How has Ancient Greek and Latin contributed to your career?

Very interesting question. When in high school I studied those languages. For many they might sound useless as we do not currently speak them. I remember though when my teachers were telling me: they will form your mind and give you discipline. So that is how they contributed. Plus when you study them, you become passionate about the true meaning of words and their etymology. I still do that, I always ponder what I say or think, making sure I can use the best expression of words. Words have a deep meaning, they can literally empower someone or tear them down, cast a spell or break it. I invite everyone to reevaluate the way they are speaking as a form of respect to ourselves and humanity.

And what about painting and performative art or your career as an actress?

Yes, I am a painter and an actress, a performer as well. That part of my life started at University when I graduated as a painter at the academy of fine arts in Rome, Italy. Theater was offered as an external seminar, I took it and fell in love with it as it allowed me to work on myself. Being an actor means having all of your inner tools sharpened and aware. It is a deep therapy on yourself, where you become more conscious of your emotions and you learn how to tap into them.

All these arts are so precious, we are building a world even more so digital and we need to go back to the real world more. Artists can save the world.

Did you always love fashion? How did you become a model? It has been difficult?

When I was a little child I always wanted to be a very feminine one, I had it inside of me. My mom gave a very simple yet elegant woman style. I always wanted to be a top model, I used to say to my parents as a child. Or an archeologist. Somehow I ended up toward the first career I planned for myself,  but I have such a big interest in digging into history and I am so fascinated about our ancient traditions. I know there is so much more we aren’t told about the true world we live in and my curios soul keeps on searching.

Becoming a working model is very hard, the judgment and constant eyes on are very heavy for a young girl. Body dysmorphia plays a big role when you are young. Internet gave models the freedom to work directly with brands who can appreciate their work and “use” it via social media so the traditional career of a model expanded so much. If you still love the idea of being a model for fashion weeks, be prepared to have a thick skin please. Do not take criticism personally, you are a product for the brand and it is harsh to see it that way. But the sooner you do, the better it will be for your mental health.

How did you get your start as a fashion influencer?

It was a combination of all of those hats that brought me to better understand how to have a successful way of showcasing my work. For instance being a writer and personality for Vanity Fair taught me that my Instagram feed is like my magazine. So everything that goes out there, is very well planned and thought out. I am a perfectionist and in a world that enjoys increasingly more and more drama, I stay out of it through hard work and determination. The answer is not to go with it, but to resist and remember the amazing culture and values our humanity has.

How did influencer, and modeling change your life?

In every possible aspect as it gave me a platform to truly create myself, sometimes even surprising myself. It is internet that gave me the possibility to be independent and I will be forever grateful to the digital freedom. It is now though time to go back and re discover quality and hard work and mix the languages more and more.

What are your best projects to date?

The Simonetta Lein Show to date beats every project I have ever done. It is me in the most real and genuine way. It shows my intellectual side, my boss babe side, but also my tears and my laughs. I oversee everything that gets done, from checking the guests, to prepping the interview. Making sure the editing is well done, and then launching the episodes and the promotion. Keeping a coherent message and always growing season after season. We are heading now toward  season 6.

What would you say was your best moments and achievements of 2022?

Being recognized as the media personality of the year and going to Cannes France to get the award. Meeting my parents there after 2,5 years of separation was probably even better. As well being able to finish successfully a 5th season of The Simonetta Lein Show in an ever changing world where so many new adversities arise. Sometimes I still do not know how I am doing all of this, I do not have “big boys” behind me, and for a reason as I value my freedom over everything. I was always the boss of myself and forever will be. It is scary and stressful but I would not do it in any other way.

What influenced you to continue The Simonetta Lein Show?

People responses, being told that being a host is probably the best thing I am capable to do. I always say that when I do my interviews. something magical happens so I do not attribute whatever I do to my talent but to a talent that was given to me, borrowed from the highest power that I called God. I am very respectful of that and I know I have to be every day grateful for all that I have and capable of. I am convinced we have some talents that are given to us naturally but we need to care for them and be very disciplined about them, or you can lose them.

Tell us about the WishWall Foundation, and how you became The Wishmaker? What does the Foundation do?

The Wishwall Foundation makes meaningful wishes come true for communities all around the world. For information, donations or to simply help please visit

I became The Wishmaker when I was able to rename a street after a young woman killed in a hit and run accident and contribute to the arrest of her murderer. I still attribute that wish granted to a miracle. I know I put so much work into it but when you do, miracles can happen.

Can you tell us a bit about your future projects?

2023 is Season 6 of The Simonetta Lein Show. I think this new 2023 will fit me well! And my wish is that it will fit everyone to the best that has to come yet. Many blessings, create a family and things of value for your heart and soul. This is my biggest wish for all.



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