The Kilómetro 0 Moda fair, which aims to promote trade agreements between textile producers and brands, changes the dates of its second edition: it will be held on October 10 and 11 in Madrid, a week later than initially planned.


The original dates of the event were October 4 and 5, and the organizers maintain that the change has been made «for reasons of the outside world and on the understanding that the new dates fit better with the project and the current situation of the sector».

What does not change is the venue of the meeting: the Palacio de Santoña in Madrid will host, as in the 2021 edition, this event, which is promoted by Asecom (the Association of Clothing and Fashion Companies of the Community of Madrid) and has the support of other entities such as Fedecon, the Spanish Knitwear Association, the ModaEspaña confederation, the Modacc cluster and Fitex.

In its inaugural edition, Kilómetro 0 Moda had 22 exhibitors and more than 400 visitors and, this 2022, will take place in a hybrid format, as it will be complemented with a digital directory that will compile the information of the participants, «to generate synergies between brands and companies throughout the year,» Asecom says.

Visitor access will be free for industry professionals (prior registration), while exhibitors must register as such and meet the requirement of developing their activity in the Spanish market and be dedicated to specialized textile production.

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