Exploring Danish Beauty Brands Unveiled at CIFF x Revolver

Sofie Dolva, the leader of Denmark’s CIFF trade fair, had a clear vision when she took over in August: strengthen Scandinavian fashion, promote internationalization, advance sustainability, and diversify the fair’s offerings. In February, CIFF + Revolver introduced a dedicated beauty area for the second time. Let’s delve into some key players in the Danish beauty industry.

Rudolph Care: Luxury Meets Sustainability

Rudolph Care, a sustainable premium brand, stood out at the fair with its commitment to luxury and sustainability. Founded by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, a journalist turned beauty activist, Rudolph Care focuses on advanced, sustainable, and organically certified skincare. The brand collaborates with Brazilian communities to source acai berries from the Amazon for its star products. With its pastel pink packaging and B-Corp certification, Rudolph Care is making waves in the accessible premium segment.

InuaCare: Greenland’s Ethical Beauty Brand

InuaCare, the first skincare brand to develop products and hand-harvest ingredients in Greenland, embraces nature’s capabilities. Their products are made from hardy plants that survive Greenland’s harsh climate, resulting in unique compositions. Herbal extracts, such as Labrador tea and thyme, are used in their formulations. InuaCare’s commitment to sustainability extends to eco-friendly packaging. Their offerings include facial, body, and hair care products, positioning them in the premium-accessible price range.

Honey: A Vegan Skincare Brand for All Stages of Life

Honey, a Danish vegan skincare brand, was born from the founders’ knowledge of skincare and feedback from their podcast listeners. The brand’s range includes a hydrating serum, facial cleanser, moisturizing cream, and body oil, all made with natural, organic, and fragrance-free ingredients. Honey’s products cater to all stages of a woman’s life, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. With eco-friendly packaging and a focus on inclusivity, Honey is available online and through international retailers.

Exploring these Danish beauty brands at CIFF x Revolver reveals a thriving industry committed to luxury, sustainability, and inclusivity.

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