In response to the series of attacks initiated by the militant group Hamas, the store franchises of Hennes Mauritz AB and Inditex SA in Israel have made the decision to temporarily suspend their operations.

Hennes Mauritz stores, which number 24 in Israel, will remain closed «until further notice,» as stated by a spokesperson for the Swedish retailer in an official email.

Likewise, the 84 stores franchised by the Spanish retailer Inditex in Israel, featuring well-known brands like Zara and Bershka, have also temporarily ceased operations. Customers have been informed that return times will be extended by 30 days from the date of reopening.

As the conflict enters its fourth day, Israel has announced its plans to establish a base for thousands of soldiers in preparation for the next phase of its response to the attacks, which have tragically claimed the lives of hundreds of Israelis, with a majority of them being civilians. According to Palestinian authorities, at least 600 Palestinians have lost their lives in retaliatory attacks.

In addition to these closures, Swedish furniture giant Ikea has confirmed that its franchise partner in Israel has suspended customer operations.

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