Stella McCartney isn’t just talking about eco-conscious fashion; she’s putting her principles into action. This season, the renowned eco-activist designer transformed Paris’s 7th arrondissement into the Stella Sustainable Market, unveiling 16 innovative environmentally friendly materials and seamlessly incorporating them into her latest collection.

From Keel.Labs in New York, featuring raw materials made from fresh seaweed, to NFW in Illinois, which produces mirum—a natural rubber and plant-based faux leather—McCartney’s commitment to sustainability shines. Her collection boasts posh hippie mirror and crochet gilets crafted from Kelsun yarn, among other eco-friendly pieces.

McCartney’s dedication to raising awareness about eco-consciousness has been a central theme in her career, and it’s immensely satisfying to see her vision realized. Beyond her sustainability efforts, Stella McCartney delivered a collection that exudes polish and attitude, offering impeccable tailoring, chic accessories, and an abundance of style.

Key highlights include a range of stunning suits, from a dazzling gold brocade three-piece to a sharp Disco Dragon white suit designed for men. While the collection experimented with draped chiffon dresses towards the end, its overarching fashion statement remained strong.

Notably, this Summer 2024 collection comprises 95% sustainable materials, marking a significant milestone in Stella McCartney’s commitment to responsible fashion.

With a distinguished audience that included a dozen LVMH executives, McCartney showcased dusters and redingotes paired with micro shorts, lace tops, and stylish slingbacks crafted from woven mirum. Accessories featured plastic pendants, botanical brooches, and even medallions bearing the designer’s likeness.

Stella McCartney’s confidence has always been her signature. After all, what’s a designer without a touch of ego? She also paid homage to classic rock LPs and highlighted her enduring partnership with Adidas.

As she took her bow, the iconic Eiffel Tower stood tall in the morning sun behind her—a fitting backdrop for a designer who continues to lead the charge in eco-conscious fashion.

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