Superstar French designer Olivier Rousteing expressed his discomfort while presenting his latest Balmain collection at Paris Fashion Week in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Despite the fashion event, Rousteing conveyed his solidarity with Ukraine by sharing an image of a desert scene in the Ukrainian colors of blue and yellow on his Instagram account, which has 7.6 million followers.

In his Instagram post, Rousteing acknowledged the difficulty of focusing on fashion and runways while the world grappled with the tragic events in Ukraine. He stated, «It’s hard to feel right about focusing on runways and clothes, as we listen with a heavy heart to the latest news.» He expressed deep sympathy for the Ukrainian people, emphasizing their dignity, resilience, and commitment to freedom.

Olivier Rousteing has been the artistic director at Balmain for over a decade and is renowned for his close collaborations with figures like Kim Kardashian. He also played a prominent role in a Netflix documentary that explored his search for his biological parents.

To contribute to the relief efforts, Rousteing revealed that he had made a donation to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, to alleviate the plight of those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. He urged others who shared his concerns to consider making their own contributions, emphasizing the importance of collective action in supporting freedom and peace.

By using his platform to address the crisis in Ukraine, Olivier Rousteing demonstrated that fashion can be a powerful means of raising awareness and showing solidarity during times of global adversity.

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