A community of young Spanish designers who use, among other graphic elements, stars in their clothing and accessories will be defended by the Grenadian law firm Aránguez Abogados against an Italian multinational that would like to appropriate them exclusively.


The law firm said in a statement on Wednesday that the multinational has become known in Spain for a worn-looking sneakers that have a large star on its outer side.

Carlos Aránguez explained to EFE that the Italian firm has requested the registration of the star and has warned designers not to use it.

Those affected are for the moment, he added, designers from both Andalusia and Madrid, who have decided to unite to fight against what they consider an attempt by a company to «patrimonialize» a compact star.

As a result of the alleged warning against all designers including stars on their sneakers, Aránguez Abogados has launched the campaign «Stars belong to everyone», with which it wants to encourage that a universal symbol should not be the exclusive property of any company.

«Stars represent dreams and are a universal symbol of quality and excellence in numerous fields, such as hotels or the Michelin Guide. They are also present in a multitude of flags such as that of the USA, the European Union or China,» he said.

In addition, he has appealed to all designers who want to use stars and have received what they consider a «threatening letter» from the company to join the designers’ platform, where they can represent them at no cost, since they assume this case «pro bono» (free legal services for the public good).

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