Sook, a prominent pop-up retail space operator, is set to make its debut at the Liverpool One mall. Positioned on the mall’s Upper South John Street, this pop-up venture is scheduled to commence operations in early November, marking Sook’s expansion into the North-West region. Notably, this marks the third collaboration between Sook and Liverpool One operator Grosvenor, following two highly successful partnerships in London.

Spanning an impressive 1,250 square feet, this space offers flexible leasing options, ranging from short-term three-day rentals to month-long engagements. Its primary objective is to provide businesses with a versatile canvas for engaging customers through a physical brick-and-mortar presence in Liverpool, one of the UK’s most vibrant cities.

The pop-up space is equipped with digital display boards, screens, and fixtures, offering complete customization to cater to the unique requirements of individual retailers. In addition to physical space, Sook provides brands with valuable data analytics and digital planning tools, enabling tenants to maximize operational efficiency within the space.

Sook’s target audience goes beyond traditional retailers, as it seeks to attract a diverse range of participants, including music specialists, artists, workshop organizers, fitness instructors, and experiential brand campaigns. This venture offers many of these brands the opportunity to establish their first physical retail presence, with Sook’s flexible and comprehensive model effectively eliminating barriers to entry.

Grosvenor, the operator behind Liverpool One, emphasizes its commitment to supporting a wide spectrum of brands, from local businesses to well-established names. Sook’s unique model empowers local brands to establish a physical presence they might not have otherwise accessed.

John Hoyle, CEO and founder of Sook, acknowledges the digital transformation that has given rise to numerous online brands seeking physical interaction with their customers. Sook’s expansion into Liverpool exemplifies its dedication to bridging the gap between the digital and physical retail realms, facilitating unique and engaging brand experiences.

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