His legacy includes iconic platform sole and block heel creations that defined the glam rock era. De Havilland’s use of materials like metallic leathers and exotic skins made a lasting impact, with his 1973 Margaux wedge still relevant today.

Celebrities like David Bowie, Cher, Kate Moss, and Tim Curry in «The Rocky Horror Picture Show» embraced his designs. Born into a shoemaking family, he began his career at his father’s company, Waverley Shoes, creating a groundbreaking five-tiered wedge in 1960.

De Havilland’s stores, «Cobblers to the World» and «Kamikaze Shoes,» enjoyed success, but as fashion evolved, they closed. However, he continued creating punk and goth-inspired styles under «The Magic Shoe Company.»

Despite losing brand rights, his influence endures. Survived by his wife and business partner, Liz, two sons, and five grandchildren, Terry de Havilland leaves an indelible mark on fashion history.

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