Scalpers boosts its multi-brand project with a first foray into retail. It has transformed its store at number 13 Ayala Street in Madrid (formerly the flagship store of its women’s line, replaced by a new space on Claudio Coello Street) into an establishment where it sells, in addition to its own articles, those of the brands in its «Invited Brands» section.


The company launched its marketplace in early 2021 under the name «Invited Brands,» which currently features more than 80 brands, including Nike, Converse or Superga.

«We know that there are more firms out there doing very well and that together we can form a great community, so we have made our website a meeting place by inviting brands that share our spirit and complement us,» the company explained when it launched its multi-brand project.

With a new interior design, which includes a mural by artist Diego Vicente, the renovated Scalpers space on Ayala street seeks to approach the Z generation public through an alternative, more relaxed and urban style. After opening its doors on May 20, it will remain open until August 3, according to Scalpers.

Founded in 2007, Scalpers closed the last fiscal year with sales of 110 million euros, 53% more than in the previous year. The brand, which launched its women’s line in 2018, has 250 points of sale (between its own stores and corners in El Corte Inglés and El Palacio de Hierro) in six countries and directly employs 1,300 people.

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