Rimowa Exhibition Seit 1898 and Never Still Campaign Insights

Rimowa’s recent New York exhibition, «Seit 1898,» highlighted artistic durability and heritage, featuring contributions from renowned personalities like Billie Eilish, Roger Federer, Spike Lee, Martha Stewart, Adwoa Aboah, and Tom Cruise. Acquired by LVMH in 2016, Rimowa references its founding year and the origin of its name, «Rimowa» (Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen).

This brand-building exhibition includes a suspended display of a classic aluminum wheelie’s 220 components and showcases Rimowa’s pioneering use of polycarbonate cases. Customization takes center stage, featuring LeBron James’ commissioned «12 Apostles» case and collaborations with Supreme, Fendi, Porsche, Moncler, and Dior.

The exhibition also presents iconic installations, such as the famous crocodile ad and Rimowa-inspired artworks. Simultaneously, Rimowa launched its fourth «Never Still» campaign, featuring Sir Lewis Hamilton, Kylian Mbappé, and Rosé of Blackpink.

FashionNetwork.com’s interview with Emelie de Vitis, Senior VP of Product & Marketing, provides deeper insights into the exhibition and Rimowa’s future direction.

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