The Arnault family, led by Bernard Arnault, the owner of luxury conglomerate LVMH, has announced a generous donation of €10 million to Restos du Coeur. This charitable organization, which provides vital food aid in France, has been facing financial difficulties that could have affected its ability to assist vulnerable individuals during the winter months.

In a statement, the Arnault family expressed their commitment to actively supporting this essential association, which has been aiding those in need for nearly four decades. Restos du Coeur has encountered challenges due to a substantial increase in demand for its services and rising operational costs driven by inflation. To address these urgent needs, the Arnault family has stepped in with this substantial contribution.

Additionally, the government has pledged support for Restos du Coeur, with Minister of Solidarity Aurore Bergé committing an extra €15 million in state aid. She also announced a €6 million allocation for associations focused on assisting young children. Antoine Arnault, the eldest son of Bernard Arnault, will visit Restos du Coeur’s facilities to formalize this act of solidarity, joined by Minister Aurore Bergé.