Puma announced Monday the launch of a new immersive sports experience on Roblox, a leading global metaverse platform.


Called «Puma and the Land of Games» and created in collaboration with Wonder Works studio, the experience gives the global Roblox community access to sports mini-games and training activities such as weightlifting and track racing that highlight what it’s like to sign on with the Puma brand as an athlete.

Specifically, three mini-games will be released, including «Endless Runner,» in which competitors avoid obstacles to try to stay on the track before the «beast» catches up to them; «Football Rush,» in which fans use different power-ups while trying to score a goal; and «Dodgeball Showdown,» a simulation of the classic dodgeball game.

Through Roblox’s new «Layered Clothing» technology, the experience also allows players to customize their characters with hyper-realistic Puma apparel. As they explore the experience, fans will unlock new zones and additional Puma sportswear.

«We are thrilled to bring an engaging and fun sports experience to the Roblox community,» said Adam Petrick, brand director, Puma.

«The new ‘Layered Clothing’ technology allows players to express their creativity and style, enabling our brand to create greater synergies between the physical and digital worlds,» he added.

Roblox currently has more than 55 million daily users and has partnered with several sports and fashion brands on in-game experiences, including global fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff, Alo Yoga and, most recently, Clarks, to name a few.

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