Printemps, the esteemed French department store group, has collaborated with the renowned French Fashion Institute (IFM) in a joint initiative aimed at nurturing emerging fashion designers and supporting creative entrepreneurs. This partnership encompasses various scholarship programs and initiatives to promote fashion know-how and entrepreneurship in France.

One significant aspect of this collaboration is the introduction of scholarships designed to empower promising fashion designers. These scholarships, awarded for the 2023-24 academic year, will be granted based on a combination of financial need and merit, providing aspiring fashion students with opportunities to pursue their dreams.

The scholarship program will cover tuition fees for approximately twelve students enrolled in IFM’s professional training course in fashion. This comprehensive course equips students with essential skills in fashion design, machinist-fitting, and model-making. It also includes a work-study component that offers valuable hands-on experience in textile work, tailoring, and specialized knowledge relevant to haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear sectors.

Xavier Romatet, CEO of IFM, underscored their commitment to providing equal opportunities to young fashion talents, regardless of their financial circumstances. He expressed gratitude for the invaluable support from Printemps Group, emphasizing that this collaboration will significantly enhance vocational training and promote French expertise within the fashion industry.

Jean-Baptiste Dacquin, Chief Human Resources Officer at the Printemps group, highlighted their investment in emerging talent as a means to shape the future landscape of the fashion industry.

Furthermore, for the 2023-24 academic year, Printemps and IFM will offer one-time grants to entrepreneurs in creative industries. These grants aim to support innovative products and services, fostering creativity and entrepreneurship.

Five promising brands have been carefully selected for this support:

  1. Mama Série Originale: An emerging brand renowned for uncomplicated luxury, led by Marine Miel and Margot Aurignac.
  2. Ako: A startup specializing in artificial intelligence software for optimizing inventory management.
  3. Askiita: A brand known for its exquisite handmade unisex jewelry.
  4. Noué: A brand dedicated to crafting upcycled accessories.
  5. The Wedding Explorer: A marketplace exclusively dedicated to the world of marriage.

These selected brands will receive full financial support for their academic year as part of the IFM incubator program. The incubator offers a range of activities, including collective workshops, individual mentoring sessions, guidance on brand image and storytelling, assistance with collection development, materials sourcing, and retail strategies. This initiative aims to provide invaluable resources and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative industries, fostering innovation and growth.

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