HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, a scion of European royalty, will soon unveil his memoirs, chronicling a lifetime intertwined with magnificent jewelry. Presently residing in New York, Prince Dimitri’s upcoming book promises to narrate not only the tales of exquisite jewelry but also the rich history of his diverse family, spanning Danish, Greek, Italian, Yugoslavian, and notably Russian royalty.

Born in Versailles and a graduate of the University of Paris with a business law degree, Prince Dimitri made his home in New York in 1983. Since 1999, he has been designing jewelry inspired by royal collections he personally witnessed and those recounted by family members. His creations are a fusion of history, cultural diversity, and his unique personal touch, often featuring his crest, monogram, and signature.

Prince Dimitri’s masterpieces draw from a wide range of cultures and historical eras. He also excels in transforming clients’ stones and old jewels to suit modern lifestyles and evolving tastes. Sustainability and heritage preservation are at the core of his work.

Scheduled for release in September, Prince Dimitri’s memoir, «Once Upon a Diamond: A Family Tradition of Royal Jewels,» offers a compelling history of jewelry intertwined with the fascinating narratives of European royal families, including Belgium, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, and Russia. The book, boasting a preface by Carolina Herrera and an introduction by François Curiel, features stunning photography by Mark Roskams.

In this engaging read, Prince Dimitri shares captivating anecdotes about his family members and their extraordinary jewelry collections. Notable figures include his paternal grandparents, Prince Paul of Yugoslavia and Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark, as well as Princess Olga’s parents, Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark and Princess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia, among others.

The book also delves into the pre-revolutionary life of Russia’s imperial family, offering a glimpse into their court and the European royal circle through the lenses of the famously temperamental Grand Duchess Elena of Russia.

«Once Upon a Diamond» isn’t just about history; it also showcases Prince Dimitri’s own designs, some of which experiment with unconventional materials, colors, and timeless forms.

A jeweler to European royalty, Prince Dimitri’s creations have adorned the likes of Queen Letizia of Spain and other prominent figures. His jewelry is a testament to his family’s storied legacy and his commitment to crafting unique, meaningful pieces.

«I create intensely individual pieces of art,» says Prince Dimitri, emphasizing the diverse inspirations that shape his work. His journey from Wall Street to the world of jewelry, marked by stints at Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury & Luxembourg, has been nothing short of remarkable.

Prince Dimitri’s work also extends to collaborations with Swarovski, where his creative talent shines. His designs resonate with the essence of the renowned crystal brand.

This memoir offers an intimate glimpse into Prince Dimitri’s life and his passion for preserving the heritage of remarkable jewelry collections. It’s a journey through time, culture, and creativity that transcends generations

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