Get ready for a celestial fashion statement as astronauts preparing for NASA’s upcoming lunar mission are set to venture to the moon in style, adorned in none other than Prada spacesuits. In a groundbreaking collaboration, the iconic Italian fashion powerhouse is partnering with Axiom Space to craft the next generation of lunar spacesuits slated for NASA’s Artemis III mission, scheduled for the historic year 2025. This mission marks a significant milestone as it will be the first manned lunar landing since Apollo 17 in 1972 and will proudly include a female crew member among its ranks.

The decision to collaborate with Prada is underpinned by Axiom Space’s recognition of the fashion label’s exceptional technical expertise in handling raw materials, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and pioneering design concepts. Engineers from the renowned Prada SpA-owned label will join forces with Axiom’s teams throughout the meticulous design process. Together, they will forge innovative solutions for materials and design elements, ensuring that the spacesuits are fortified to withstand the formidable challenges of space and the lunar environment.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Marketing Director, eagerly embraces this cosmic endeavor, emphasizing the brand’s readiness, honed through its work with the Luna Rossa Prada Americas Cup sailing team and its cutting-edge technologies.

Notably, NASA’s Artemis program, as announced in April, is set to feature Christina Koch and Victor Glover, marking an extraordinary milestone as they become the first woman and the first person of color to embark on deep space exploration. This remarkable collaboration between Prada and Axiom Space showcases the harmonious fusion of fashion and space exploration, ushering in a new era of celestial style.

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