The upcoming British Fashion Council (BFC) annual Fashion Awards, scheduled for December 4th at the Royal Albert Hall in London, is set to shine even brighter with the inclusion of actor and model Pamela Anderson. As the global ambassador for the Pandora brand, the official sponsor of the event, Anderson will have the honor of presenting ‘The Pandora Leader of Change Award.’

This special accolade is dedicated to individuals who «lead with innovation to create positive change globally, consistently challenging the status quo, with their work deemed empowering, progressive, and forward-thinking.»

The British Fashion Council selected Pamela Anderson for her «groundbreaking acting work and outspoken advocacy on various social issues.» The BFC highlighted Anderson’s embodiment of female empowerment and progressiveness, making her an ideal presenter for this esteemed award.

In expressing her thoughts on the recognition, Pamela Anderson stated, «Being a pioneer and being yourself is difficult to do in a world like today that is constantly telling you to be something else. It is challenging to choose the path no one has walked before, speak the words that aren’t the ones everybody else says. In times where trends take the entire globe within the blink of an eye, we desperately need these unique thinkers that dare to step out of the sameness we see across so many platforms today.»

The anticipation builds for a night where fashion and change converge, with Pamela Anderson adding a touch of star power to this illustrious event.

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