Gabriela Hearst’s Fall 2022 show at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) turned heads not only with its designs but also with a surprise appearance by the iconic seventies supermodel, Lauren Hutton. Amidst the usual frenzy of street-style paparazzi capturing the latest fashion trends, a few perceptive photographers spotted Hutton elegantly dressed in Hearst’s creations. As word spread, more photographers flocked to capture the fashion legend in action.

Lauren Hutton graced the event wearing a vibrant purple patterned knit cardigan paired with an A-line skirt ensemble that exuded a Native American influence. She was seen engaged in a lively conversation with her longtime friend, Demi Moore, hinting at their deep-rooted friendship and shared connections within the industry.

Hutton revealed that her presence at the show was a testament to her friendship with Gabriela Hearst, stating, «We are good friends. We didn’t meet on horses like she does; I can’t ride like her. We actually met at a charity event to save frogs.» She humorously recounted that Hearst didn’t warm up to her immediately, but their candid conversation changed that.

Surprisingly, Lauren Hutton expressed her newfound appreciation for Hearst’s multi-colored and patterned knits. Reflecting on her extensive modeling career during the sixties and seventies, she reminisced about trying on numerous outfits for a single Vogue page. Hearst’s designs, in contrast, left a lasting impression on her, describing them as «wow» and «loud.» She equated wearing Hearst’s creations to the comfort of swaddling clothes, indicating her evolving fashion preferences.

Hutton also hinted at an upcoming project, sharing, «I’m working on a book, although there’s no official deal yet because then it’s a set commitment.» In addition, she playfully mentioned an upcoming fashion cover in May but promptly retracted, saying, «Oops, I don’t think I’m supposed to mention that.» Fashion enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate seeing the 78-year-old supermodel grace the cover of a prominent fashion magazine in the near future.

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