Nobody’s Child Introduces Digital Product Passports (DPPs) for Conscious Fashion

Nobody’s Child, the fast-growing women’s fashion brand, is revolutionizing the way customers make informed choices with the launch of Digital Product Passports (DPPs).

DPPs are a game-changer in fashion transparency. Unique QR codes have been seamlessly integrated into product care labels, beginning with the coveted Happy Place Fearne Cotton collection. The brand has ambitious plans to roll out DPPs for all its products by the end of the coming year.

For now, you can access the Fearne Cotton collection with DPPs through Nobody’s Child’s webstore, physical stores, and prominent retail partners, including M&S, John Lewis, and ASOS.

Unlocking Fashion’s Story with DPPs

DPPs bring a new level of transparency to fashion. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone, and you’ll embark on a detailed journey through the product’s creation process—a commitment to transparency led by CEO Jody Plows.

Importantly, Nobody’s Child’s innovative approach aligns with upcoming EU product transparency legislation, securing key product information to future-proof the brand’s global retail strategy.

Powering this innovation is specialist company Fabacus, leveraging its Xelacore platform to track and interpret extensive data points.

Upon scanning the QR code, customers are directed to a dedicated landing page. Here, you’ll not only discover the product’s carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle but also receive valuable care advice to extend its durability. Plus, find links to circular service partners offering repair, alteration, rental, and pre-loved options.

Engagement and Ownership Incentives

Nobody’s Child encourages exploration of DPPs with enticing incentives. Enjoy special gifts and the unique opportunity to download a non-fungible token (NFT) via a collaboration with Coinbase, connecting you even closer to the brand.

The Coinbase partnership utilizes Web3 technology, enabling users to securely store their Nobody’s Child Digital Product Passport NFT within a Coinbase digital wallet.

CEO Jody Plows stated, «Our partnership with Fabacus and Coinbase is a monumental leap toward full traceability and transparency. We recognize that our Nobody’s Child customers value conscious consumption choices, and the introduction of DPPs reflects our commitment to honesty and integrity within our community.»