Nike, the globally recognized sportswear giant, has partnered with Spotify, a leading music streaming platform, to introduce the ‘Make Moves Fund’ in the UK. This collaboration, launched on World Mental Health Day, is designed to leverage the therapeutic influence of music to inspire girls to engage in physical activities, ultimately promoting their mental well-being.

The ‘Make Moves Fund’ will allocate grants, each valued at approximately $25,000, with financial contributions from both Nike and Spotify. These grants will be awarded to UK-based community organizations presenting innovative and girl-centric program proposals, incorporating music and dance to motivate girls aged 10 to 17 to embrace physical activity on their own terms.

Interested organizations can submit grant applications until November 30, and the application process is accessible through

The collaboration acknowledges the prevalent barriers that hinder girls’ participation in sports and the mental health challenges they face. Shockingly, around 80% of girls in England feel excluded from the world of sports. Furthermore, girls from Black British, African, Caribbean, Arab, and Asian backgrounds, particularly those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, exhibit the lowest levels of physical activity. It’s worth noting that in the UK, by the age of 18, girls are more than twice as likely as boys to report poor mental health.

Dan Burrows, Senior Director of Nike Social & Community Impact EMEA, reaffirms their dedication to fostering girls’ involvement in sports and physical activities, emphasizing that an active generation is a crucial step toward a more equitable future.

The programs supported by the ‘Make Moves Fund’ will run for six months, and rigorous assessments of their impact will be conducted by both Nike and Spotify. Selected grant recipients will be notified by the end of January 2024.

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