Textile Machinery Market Analysis: Spinning Resilient While Other Segments Decline

In the 45th annual report released by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), a comprehensive overview of the textile machinery market in 2022 reveals notable trends. Last year witnessed a substantial decrease in deliveries of large circular knitting machines (-27%), flat knitting machines (-24%), and various machinery categories including weaving, finishing, and stretch-texturing. However, the spinning equipment sector remained steadfast.

This authoritative report, titled «International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics» (ITMSS), resulted from collaboration with 200 prominent textile machinery manufacturers and has provided industry insights since its inauguration in 1974.

The 2022 edition of the report highlights a surge in the demand for machinery tailored to short staples (+27%), open rotors (+85%), and notably, spindles for long staples (+195%). These machines found their primary markets in Asia, with Europe and North America also participating in this growth.

Turning to texturing, the report points to a 13% reduction in deliveries of stretch-texturing spindles during 2022. It anticipates that Asia-Pacific will continue to dominate this sector, with China alone representing a significant 84% share of all deliveries.

Within the weaving sector, deliveries of shuttleless looms experienced a decline of 23% over the year. Asia-Pacific accounted for 77% of these deliveries, with air-jet machines decreasing by 13% and water-jet machines witnessing a more substantial decline of 38.4%. Meanwhile, the market for electronic flat knitting machines contracted by 24%.

The finishing machinery segment saw a significant 35% reduction in deliveries of stenter machines. While specific details in this area are limited, the report suggests that this decline has affected various machine types, ranging from beam and air-jet dyeing equipment to bleaching tools.

For an in-depth analysis and access to the complete report, visit the ITMF portal.