LPP, the Poland-based fashion conglomerate housing popular brands such as Reserved, Sinsay, Cropp, Mohito, and House, has unveiled the appointment of Mikołaj Wezdecki as the Vice President of the Management Board. Wezdecki steps into this pivotal role, succeeding Jacek Kujawa in LPP’s top leadership structure.

Wezdecki officially joined the LPP team in June 2022, initially tasked with spearheading digitalization efforts and advancing e-commerce platforms for the Reserved and Sinsay brands. Recognizing his significant contributions, he was appointed as the Director of Digitalization in March. In this capacity, Wezdecki was entrusted with crafting a comprehensive e-commerce development strategy for all brands under the LPP Group umbrella. This encompassed setting new industry standards and fostering synergies in the elevation of the brands’ online presence.

Marek Piechocki, President of the Management Board, sheds light on the strategic transition, stating, «We’ve been diligently preparing for this pivotal change for months. I’m delighted to welcome Mikołaj Wezdecki to the Management Board. He is a worthy successor to Jacek Kujawa, who steered LPP into a new era, underscoring the pivotal role of digitalization, omnichannel operations, and a dynamic distribution network in the contemporary retail landscape. The new addition to the Management Board is set to tackle even more ambitious challenges, and I have complete confidence that his extensive prior experience will significantly contribute to the next phases of LPP’s transformative journey.»

Wezdecki brings a wealth of expertise to this role, with a standout career history. He played a pivotal role in developing electronic sales at RTV Euro AGD starting in 2006, where he successfully established one of Poland’s largest online retail destinations for electronics and household appliances. Subsequently, from 2019, as a key member of the management board and director overseeing e-commerce at Eobuwie.pl, he led the launch of Modivo.pl, a prominent online fashion store that currently stands as a major player in online sales across Central and Eastern Europe.

Discussing his new role, Wezdecki highlights LPP’s substantial technological and digital transformations in recent years. The company has significantly bolstered its analytical capabilities, enabling a deeper understanding of market trends and customer expectations. He acknowledges the challenges ahead as the retail industry undergoes a profound digital revolution and expresses his gratitude for being entrusted with this pivotal responsibility.

In parallel, Jacek Kujawa, with an impressive 19 years of dedicated service to the company, is retiring from his role, leaving with a profound sense of fulfillment and professional accomplishment.

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