L’Oreal’s recent decision to offer a new job to Munroe Bergdorf, a black transgender model who was sacked in 2017 over controversial remarks, reflects a growing trend of companies addressing racial inequalities in response to global protests. The move comes after renewed scrutiny of L’Oreal’s actions when the company posted a message expressing solidarity with the black community, which some saw as inconsistent with Bergdorf’s termination.

L’Oreal Paris brand President Delphine Viguier stated that she had offered Bergdorf a role on a UK diversity and inclusion advisory board. Bergdorf accepted the offer, marking a significant step in reconciling their past differences.

Viguier acknowledged the pain and urgency behind Bergdorf’s previous comments and expressed regret for the company’s lack of support during her termination. She emphasized the need for open dialogue and support for change, which they are now actively pursuing.

Bergdorf welcomed the reconciliation and expressed hope that it would serve as an example of coming together to push for a more progressive, fair, and equal world. In addition to her new role, L’Oreal has committed to donating to transgender charity Mermaids and LGBT+ group UK Black Pride, signaling its commitment to meaningful change and support for marginalized communities.

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