L’Oréal Canada, along with its President and CEO, Frank Kollmar, sadly announced the passing of Philippe Dalle, the founding-president of L’Oréal Canada.

The journey of L’Oréal in Canada commenced in the autumn of 1958 when the L’Oréal Group made the momentous decision to establish a subsidiary in the country. During its early years, the company’s primary focus was on promoting its sole division at the time – L’Oréal Coiffure.

Kollmar fondly remembered Dalle, saying, «His visionary outlook enabled him to dream big. On behalf of the entire L’Oréal family, I extend heartfelt condolences to Philippe Dalle’s family. He wasn’t just one of the pioneers in Canada’s cosmetics industry, but also a transformative leader with strong values, instrumental in propelling L’Oréal Canada to become one of the most successful L’Oréal subsidiaries worldwide.»

Presently, L’Oréal Canada stands as a thriving entity, encompassing four divisions and a distinguished portfolio of 37 beloved brands. In 2019, it achieved impressive sales totaling $1.2 billion. With a dedicated team exceeding 1,300 employees, it boasts a headquarters in downtown Montréal, complemented by a cutting-edge distribution center and manufacturing plant in Ville Saint-Laurent.

L’Oréal Canada’s distinctiveness within the group is underscored by its unwavering commitment to sustainable development, pioneering digital strategies, a relentless pursuit of innovation, and an exceptional pool of talent.

Philippe Dalle leaves behind a legacy of excellence and is survived by his wife, Mia Dalle, his children, and a loving array of grandchildren.

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