Lone Design Club and Fenwick Join Forces for Immersive London Pop-Up

Lone Design Club (LDC), the renowned platform celebrating independent designers, has teamed up with UK department store Fenwick for an exciting venture.

Running from September 12th to October 16th, the LDC x Fenwick store-in-store pop-up promises to transform a captivating space within Fenwick’s iconic London flagship store on Bond Street, despite its impending closure next year.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, this immersive pop-up experience is set to showcase a diverse range of independent designer pieces, engaging workshops, and thought-provoking events, seamlessly fusing creativity with conscious consumption.

LDC expressed, «Lone Design Club, much like Fenwick, has always been at the forefront of nurturing emerging designers, reshaping the retail landscape, and championing sustainability. This partnership, aligned with Fenwick’s forward-thinking vision, is poised to exemplify the marvel of collective ingenuity.»

Founder of LDC, Rebecca Morter, further emphasized, «Our collaboration with Fenwick underscores the power of unity within the fashion industry. By merging Lone Design Club’s innovative spirit with Fenwick’s illustrious legacy, we’re crafting an experience that authentically mirrors the dynamism of independent design.»

Leo Fenwick, Head of Brand and Community at Fenwick, added, «[We have] consistently embraced change to ensure a more sustainable and innovative customer experience. This collaboration with Lone Design Club is the latest testament to our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.»

Now in its third year, LDC has achieved remarkable success in securing prime locations across the UK through partnerships with landlords, temporarily revitalizing vacant retail spaces. Notable collaborations include sites on London’s South Molton Street, Cardiff’s St David’s Shopping Centre, Trinity in Leeds, Bart’s Square in London’s Farringdon, The Glades in Bromley, and Islington Square in north London.

Rebecca Morter concluded, «We’re witnessing a profoundly positive impact through these collaborations with prominent estates. Our aim is to demonstrate to fellow independent brands that landlords are receptive to fresh, more creative collaboration approaches. These exceptional locations are indeed attainable for independent brands.»