Lola Casademunt’s Ambitious Growth Plan: Tripling Results by 2026 and Expanding Globally

Lola Casademunt, the renowned fashion and accessories brand, has set its sights on an ambitious goal: tripling its current results by 2026, following an anticipated revenue of over 45 million euros for the current year. As part of its strategic expansion plan, the brand is actively preparing to launch new stores in various countries.

Notably, Lola Casademunt experienced remarkable growth in 2022, achieving over 70% growth compared to the previous year, despite the persistent challenges of the pandemic. The company remains optimistic about maintaining strong double-digit growth in the years ahead.

Paco Sánchez, CEO of Lola Casademunt, shared in an interview with EFE that the brand has already surpassed its 2020 goals for «professionalization and internationalization.»

Sánchez stated, «In January 2021, our operations were limited to Spain and Portugal, but today, we have established a presence in 28 countries worldwide, with exports accounting for 35% of our total revenue.»

Lola Casademunt’s products are now accessible through retail outlets across Spain, Mexico, and Portugal, as well as in over 550 multi-brand channels spanning countries like Sweden, Italy, France, Belgium, and more.

Exciting plans are on the horizon, with Sánchez revealing, «By the end of this year, we will inaugurate seven stores in Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah and Riyadh. Looking ahead to 2025, we are preparing to open our standalone stores beyond Spain, with the goal of firmly establishing Lola Casademunt as a prominent global brand.»

Expanding to Malaga: A Strategic Move

Lola Casademunt recently marked its entry into the vibrant city of Malaga with the opening of a new physical store. This addition complements the brand’s existing presence in El Corte Inglés in the capital and Puerto Banús, along with a store in the La Cañada shopping center in Marbella.

Sánchez emphasized the brand’s resonance with the fashion-forward women of Malaga, noting, «The women of Malaga epitomize the Lola spirit; they savor the sunshine and, above all, have a profound love for fashion.»

Securing a prime location in Malaga presented its challenges due to the city’s surging demand in recent years. Sánchez explained, «We sought to be situated in an area where local customers truly appreciate our brand, allowing us to remain closely connected to them.» Ultimately, the brand secured a 100-square-meter space on Bolsa Street, an extension of the highly coveted Larios Street, a hub for both locals and tourists.

With this latest addition, Lola Casademunt proudly operates 22 stores, featuring four franchised outlets, alongside 42 points of sale within El Corte Inglés and an extensive network of over 800 multi-brand retail spaces, spanning both Spain and Portugal.

The Essence of Lola Casademunt

Lola Casademunt, originally renowned for its artisanal accessories in 1981, has since evolved into a brand offering a diverse range of products, including clothing and footwear.

Sánchez emphasized the pivotal role of the brand’s creative department, led by Maite Gassó, who serves as the president and creative director. He stated, «Our team’s mission is to encapsulate the true essence of our brand. We do not draw inspiration from others; instead, we craft our distinctive and unique products.»

At the heart of the brand’s strategy is the empowerment of women to «feel beautiful» by adorning themselves with Lola Casademunt’s creations. Sánchez underlined that fashion transcends age boundaries, asserting, «We believe that fashion is an attitude, not restricted by age. Our founder, Lola Casademunt, is a 92-year-old woman who proudly wears our brand, and her 13-year-old granddaughter does the same. It’s about embracing and enjoying fashion.»