Orders for this summer’s sales campaign will grow by 24%, according to estimates by the Spanish multinational Logisfashion, which specializes in logistics applied to fashion. The company also estimates that the volume of goods handled will grow by 22% year-on-year.


According to Logisfashion’s calculations, the total number of products handled will be 5.3 million, while the volume of e-commerce orders will reach 1.5 million. By category, an estimated 2 million youth fashion items will be prepared, representing an annual increase of 44%; at the same time, sports fashion orders are expected to rise by 60%.

With these estimates on the horizon, the company is preparing to cope with the increase in demand and has added 1,500 employees to its four specialized e-commerce centers.

Logisfashion, founded in 1996, aims to reach a turnover of 150 million euros in 2023, after having reached almost 100 million euros in the last fiscal year.

Originally focused on fashion, the company has expanded its customer portfolio in recent years, also incorporating lifestyle categories. It has also diversified its services and is now also involved in returns management and last-mile distribution, both of which are growth drivers for its business.

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