In a strategic move anticipated by, the esteemed Italian fashion powerhouse, Liu Jo, unveils Liu Jo Uomo S.r.l., a groundbreaking joint-venture company dedicated to menswear. This initiative seamlessly integrates the manufacturing and commercialization operations for Liu Jo’s men’s collections, a transition from the previous management by S.r.l., the longstanding licensee of Liu Jo’s menswear line since 2012.

With Liu Jo Group securing a commanding 51% stake and Co.Ca.Ma. retaining 49%, the newly appointed CEO, Giuseppe Nardello, founder of Co.Ca.Ma., takes the helm of Liu Jo Uomo.

Marco Marchi, President, and CEO of the Liu Jo Group, emphasizes the significance of this milestone, stating, «The creation of Liu Jo Uomo marks a pivotal moment for our group. Our goal is not only to fortify Liu Jo’s menswear presence but also to foster synergies across the entire spectrum of the brand’s collections.» Marchi highlights the positive trajectory of Liu Jo’s menswear, envisioning the new company benefiting from Co.Ca.Ma.’s Neapolitan menswear expertise, complemented by Liu Jo’s commercial acumen and financial strength.

Marchi adds, «This ambitious project, rooted in two decades of entrepreneurial collaboration, is poised to replicate the success of Liu Jo’s womenswear.»

Giuseppe Nardello echoes this sentiment, describing the operation as the culmination of a positive journey in Liu Jo’s menswear. The strategy, developed over many years, revolves around versatile menswear collections suitable for various occasions, presenting a contemporary reinterpretation of Italy’s iconic menswear style.

«This vision remains successful today,» affirms Nardello, underlining the commitment to excellence in menswear and the shared success anticipated through this strategic joint venture. Explore Liu Jo Uomo as it redefines the landscape of men’s fashion with unparalleled expertise and contemporary Italian style.

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