Lefties, a fashion company integrated in the Inditex group, gains presence in Catalonia with the opening of a new store in the Splau shopping center in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona).


The 1260-square-meter store is located on the street level of the shopping complex, distributes all the brand’s lines (women’s, men’s, children’s and baby) and incorporates self-checkout counters, according to Splau in a press release.

With the opening of this space, Lefties now has 12 stores in Catalonia and 84 in Spain as a whole. In global terms, the company operates in eight markets (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia and Dubai) with a total of 164 stores.

The company is characterized by a lower price positioning than other chains of the Inditex group. In addition, until just two years ago it concentrated its sales only in the retail channel, since it was in September 2020 when it launched its e-commerce. Currently, it also distributes its articles through its app.

Barcelona’s Splau shopping center opened its doors in 2010, has a commercial area of 54,500 square meters, distributed in 150 stores, and receives about 10 million visitors a year.

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