Khaite: Empowering Fashion Statements at the Uptown Armory

Khaite, the iconic fashion brand under the visionary leadership of Catherine Holstein, has made a bold move, relocating from its charming Soho boutique to the grand Uptown Armory on Park Avenue. This strategic shift was made possible thanks to a substantial financial boost following an investment from growth equity firm Stripes in March, a deal reportedly valuing Khaite at over $100 million. This investment paved the way for an extraordinary fashion showcase in a sprawling venue adorned with impeccable lighting.

This event transcended mere fashion; it was a resounding declaration of empowerment, tenacity, and unwavering resolve.

Catherine Holstein’s design philosophy is deeply intertwined with the essence of New York, celebrating the indomitable spirit of women who have triumphed in various facets of life, love, and career.

«This season, the word that resonated was ‘ferocity.’ In light of the tumultuous events unfolding globally and in the United States, we are witnessing challenges that women haven’t faced in a long time. To thrive as an independent woman, one must possess genuine fierceness and unwavering determination – a sharpness that ensures you stand firm,» explained Holstein, adding a light-hearted touch, «Although, perhaps I’m no longer considered independent since I’ve recently become a mother.»

The show commenced with ruched gazar tops and columns, showcasing leather coats that exuded toughness while preserving an air of chic mystery. Holstein’s masterful tailoring skills were prominently displayed, crafting oversized black biker jackets, spy coats, and voluminous trenches that embodied artistic flair without overwhelming.

One of her standout concepts involved presenting the same garment in diverse materials. For example, a brilliantly ruched power shoulder trench made its debut in beige gabardine, followed by iterations in black leather and white glove leather. For eveningwear, vibrant red gazar flared sheath dresses, ballgowns, and Flamenco blouses introduced an invigorating vibrancy. Corset-style ribbing around the midriffs added an enticing touch to the ensembles.

Holstein artfully integrated symbolism into her designs, featuring buckles shaped like clasping golden hands and cuffs adorned with smaller renditions. These elements symbolized the societal norms that often impede the progress of women, and Holstein poignantly underscored her point by gesturing toward her own stomach.

The handbags featured in the collection resembled golden bars reminiscent of a sci-fi heist, with spacious roll bags that could aptly be described as «your whole life in a bag.» Holstein expressed her gratitude for her new partners, noting that she has relinquished her CEO role to focus on the creative aspects and shows. She commended her partners for prioritizing creativity and placing unwavering trust in her creative vision.

In just a few short years, Catherine Holstein has emerged as the quintessential designer for women who not only conquer the concrete jungle of New York but also captivate the imagination of the world.