In the high-fashion realm, top models are not only the faces of prestigious brands and runway sensations but also serve as profound sources of inspiration for their devoted social media followers. Among these influential models, one name consistently outshines the rest: Kendall Jenner.

As per data sourced from, a specialized website that aggregates followers from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Kendall Jenner, at 24 years old, retains her crown as the year’s most popular top model.

Kendall Jenner’s undisputed reign in the social media sphere continues to dazzle. Much like her renowned sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, this slender brunette boasts an unparalleled presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, amassing a staggering total following of over 164 million dedicated fans. This staggering number significantly eclipses her closest competitors, who, though celebrated in their own right, command only tens of millions of followers.

For context, the second-ranking star among models, Gigi Hadid, enjoys «only» 64 million followers across all three social networks. She maintains a substantial lead over other prominent figures, such as Cara Delevingne (with nearly 60 million followers), Chrissy Teigen (with nearly 39 million), and Emily Ratajkowski (with more than 32 million).

Interestingly, several models, particularly those who have transitioned from the runway to other ventures while still actively participating in advertising campaigns, hold prominent positions in this social media ranking, sometimes even surpassing their younger counterparts.

Among these industry icons, Tyra Banks secures the 6th spot with an impressive following of nearly 30 million. Gisele Bündchen claims the 8th position with over 26 million followers, closely followed by Miranda Kerr at 9th place, with just over 25 million followers.

In a digital landscape heavily influenced by social media allure, Kendall Jenner’s unwavering status as the most-followed model stands as a testament to the enduring power of her influence and the profound connection she maintains with her worldwide fan base.

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