While Meghan Markle has recently dominated headlines, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, reigns supreme as the United Kingdom’s most cherished royal fashion icon.

Fresh research from the Fashion Retail Academy reveals that an impressive 50% of Britons regard Kate Middleton as the ultimate female royal influencer in the world of fashion, while only 20.1% attribute this title to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

Kate Middleton’s enduring appeal, characterized by her timeless style featuring elegant dresses and impeccably tailored coats, transcends generational boundaries. In contrast, Meghan Markle’s fashion choices resonate more strongly with individuals under the age of 45. A mere 9% of those aged over 55 express enthusiasm for her sartorial selections, while a resounding 47% find themselves under the spell of the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion choices.

Surprisingly, Queen Elizabeth II emerges as the third most influential royal fashion icon. Her penchant for vibrant coat-dresses and impeccably matched hats surpasses Meghan’s influence among those aged 55 and older. Even among the younger generation, the Queen maintains a strong following, with an impressive 9.8% of 18-24 year-olds citing her as their primary style inspiration.

In the realm of men’s royal fashion, Prince Harry secures the title of the UK’s most stylish royal male. His laid-back, approachable style earns accolades from 14% of Britons. In contrast, only 11% of respondents endorse Prince William’s more structured fashion choices. Notably, Prince Harry outperforms Prince William across all age groups except for those aged over 55.

Identifying the top royal fashion influencer holds significant weight, given that nearly 20% of Britons derive style inspiration from the royal family. This influence extends evenly to both men and women.

Lee Lucas, Principal and CEO of the Retail Fashion Academy, emphasized, «The royal family has exerted a profound influence on UK fashion for generations. In today’s digital age, with the power of the internet and social media, their impact is more pronounced than ever. This is evident in the lightning-fast sell-out of high street retail items worn by the royals, driven by the widespread circulation of photos online.»

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