In a surprising turn of events, Kanye West, who has recently rebranded himself as «Ye,» made an unexpected visit to the corporate offices of Skechers in Los Angeles. This impromptu appearance followed Adidas’ decision to terminate its partnership with the controversial rapper and designer due to his recent offensive and antisemitic behavior.

During his unannounced visit to Skechers headquarters, Ye and his team engaged in unauthorized filming. Skechers responded swiftly, with two company executives escorting Ye and his entourage out of the building after a brief discussion.

Skechers released an official statement clarifying that they have no intentions of collaborating with Ye in the future. The company strongly condemned his divisive remarks and emphasized their zero-tolerance policy for all forms of hate speech, including antisemitism. Skechers also stressed that Ye’s presence at their corporate offices was unscheduled and uninvited.

This incident adds to a growing list of brands distancing themselves from Ye. Balenciaga, Foot Locker, and Gap have all severed ties with the musician-turned-designer. Consequently, Forbes reports that these lost partnerships have significantly impacted Ye’s financial standing, with his estimated net worth now at $400 million.

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