Renowned rapper and music impresario, Kanye West, has officially reached billionaire status, as verified by Forbes magazine. His estimated wealth now stands at approximately $1.3 billion, securing his prestigious position on Forbes’ list of individuals with a net worth surpassing $1 billion.

A significant portion of Kanye West’s burgeoning wealth can be attributed to the remarkable success of his Yeezy footwear line, developed in collaboration with Adidas. These highly coveted sneakers often command prices exceeding $200 per pair in both domestic and international markets.

West, previously associated with Nike, made a transformative career move in 2013 when he partnered with Adidas, ultimately leading to the debut of their first joint footwear line in 2015.

In a humorous nod to West’s persistent desire to be recognized as a billionaire by Forbes, the magazine revealed that they had previously hesitated to include him on their list due to a lack of concrete evidence supporting his claims. Tongue-in-cheek, Forbes referenced the «Trump rule,» suggesting they initially divided West’s self-proclaimed net worth by three before further assessment.

Apart from his prosperous footwear venture, Kanye West’s wealth is significantly bolstered by his real estate investments, solidifying his status as a bona fide billionaire. This accomplishment places West in the esteemed company of Jay-Z, making him the second American rapper to earn a coveted spot on Forbes’ exclusive billionaire roster.

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