In a recent development, pop sensation Justin Bieber has voiced his strong disapproval of H&M for releasing clothing items that prominently feature his image and lyrics without obtaining his consent. In an Instagram story, Bieber didn’t mince words, labeling the Swedish fashion giant’s merchandise as «trash» and emphatically advising his massive following of 270 million followers against making any purchases.

H&M, a prominent player in the global fashion industry and one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, swiftly responded to the controversy. The company stated that they had meticulously adhered to all appropriate approval procedures for licensed products and partnerships, including the merchandise in question featuring Bieber.

Currently, H&M’s online store is showcasing a variety of products, including hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts adorned with Justin Bieber’s images and excerpts from his song lyrics. Notably, one of the featured lines includes the phrase «I miss you more than life» from Bieber’s track «Ghost.» These items are available at a range of price points, starting from 79.99 and going up to 349 Danish crowns ($49.8-$114).

This incident highlights the importance of obtaining proper approvals and permissions in the world of fashion and celebrity merchandise to avoid disputes and negative publicity. Justin Bieber’s outspoken criticism serves as a reminder of the significance of respecting artists’ rights and intellectual property in the fashion industry.

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